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In the spring of 2020, we will be working with

Crooked Hill Beekeeping to provide Nucs. 


Following Information From Crooked Hill Beekeeping:

Russian, Carniolan,and Italian 5-Frame Nucs - $180.  

 Our Russian and Carniolan 5-frame nucs usually arrive between mid-April and early May. 

These will be bees from a Missouri producer, so we won't know the delivery date until we see how

spring progresses. The Italian nucs will be from Northern California and usually arrive in mid- April.  

All Carniolan and Russian Queens will be marked, our Italian producer does not currently offer this


Each nuc is inspected by the producers prior to shipping and will be inspected by us before you

pick it up to ensure it meets our quality standards. We schedule nuc pickups in the early morning

or late evening so the nucs can be closed up when the foragers are all back at the hive, and the nucs

can travel to their new home in the coolest part of the day. 

All our bees will be from north of the 36th parallel, nothing from the southern states (southern bees are

not well acclimated to our winters and have more risk of hive beetles and Africanization). 

To place an order, please give us a call at (660)214-0132. If you have ordered from us before and your contact information has not changed, you may place your order by email.

Orders are not confirmed until full payment is received. Bees are the only item that requires pre-payment. You will not get a refund if you fail to pick up your bees.

For more information about bees contact Tammy at Crooked Hill Beekeeping at (660) 214-013 or click here for website.

To pick up in the Richmond Area, Contact Kyle from Sunny Day Beekeeping LLC to let us know and let Tammy know also. An Added Service Fee will be added (No more than $10). This year we will NOT be offering packages for pick up in Richmond. 

"Ready for the Bees" NewBee Special - Two Assembled Hive Kits with Bees, Suit, Gloves and Tools

 Special Includes - 2  Assembled and Painted Deluxe Hive Kits  , Bees, Pro-Bellow smoker, J-Hook Hive Tool, Bee Brush, Beekeeping Suit, Beekeeping Gloves and two feeders. (Substitutions available for feeders, suits, and tools - additional charges may apply.)

Special with 2 Assembled and Painted Deluxe Hive Kit, two 5-Frame Nucs, and additional Items -


For this option you can order everything through Sunny Day Beekeeping,

Equipment can be picked up before hand or delivered to the locations listed on our contact/ordering page.

Nucs Installed in New Equipment


Russians ,Carniolans, Italians - $315


NUCs can also be purchased already installed in a  hive. This will include a new painted deluxe bottom board, a new deep painted hive body, 5 new assembled frames with foundation (the other 5 will be from the nuc), a new reversible notched inner cover, a new deluxe telescoping cover, a ratchet strap for transport, and the  bees. This is great option, if you may need a few extra days to pick up your bees.

For this option you can order everything through Sunny Day Beekeeping,

Queen's For Sale

Sunny Day Beekeeping produces a limited number of queens.  We select our queens for hardiness, production, and low mite count. Being weather depend we hope to have queens available starting in late May.

Virgin Queens From Stevens Bee Company.

Kyle is planning on making multiple trips down to Bloomfield to help Cory with Queen Rearing and testing, and can pick up orders for delivery. You can either pick up in Richmond or during my drive home.

Possible Delivery Roots. 

13 Hwy. Between Richmond-Higginsville, I-70 Higginsville-St.Louis, I-55 From St. Louis-Cape Girardeau


13 Hwy. Between Richmond- Springfield, 60 Hwy. Between Springfield-Dexter.

Root will be based first order per trip. I usually won't leave Cory's place until either Sunday or Monday afternoon

 Sunny Day Beekeeping- (816) 654-5287  

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