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Beekeeping Supplies

Most of our hive boxes, telescoping covers, screen bottom boards, inner covers, wooden nuc boxes, and swarm traps are manufactured in Missouri at a local shop.  All items are built to the industry standards for size and designed for durability. We test all our products in our own bee yards to ensure quality. Bee hives can be purchased from unassembled up to fully assembled, painted, and ready for the bees. 

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Assisting All Beekeepers 

Ever since Kyle started beekeeping in 2014 he has helped other beekeepers. Kyle has mentored local beekeepers and writes Monthly beekeeping help articles for the Midwestern Beekeepers Association. Kyle was the 2017 Missouri Junior Beekeeper of the Year and the Missouri Honey Ambassador (2017/2018,). 

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Thank You for coming to Sunny Day Beekeeping LLC.

From Beginners to Commercial beekeepers we can help with all your beekeeping needs.

-Kyle Day