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Missouri Tax Exempt Form 149

Napoleon, MO- (816) 520-5456

Site/Location Consultation, Colony/Hive Assessment, Treatment Assistance, General Maintenance, Hive Rentals 

Fees vary. Tell them that you heard about them through Sunny Day Beekeeping, LLC.

149 Form pdf.

The Missouri Department of Revenue now classifies honey bees as livestock. This allows bees and most beekeeping equipment to be purchased sales tax exempt. You will not need a 149 Form to purchase bees tax exempt, but you will need one for equipment purchases. We will have these forms available in the store, but we are providing this link if you would like to fill one out before visiting us. We will keep this form on file for any future purchases.  You will only need to fill in the following sections: 1. Name, 2. Telephone number, 3. Address, 4. Describe product or services  purchased exempt from tax (you can put "honey bees and beekeeping equipment" in this section to cover anything you might need), 5. Type of business (you can put honey or beekeeping in this section), 6. Check mark the Agricultural box, 7. Sign and date the form, you can put "owner" in the title box.  This form already has Sunny Day Beekeeping's information filled in.